CNC Machining/Turning/Lathing Parts

Taiwan CNC machined and Lathe turning parts

Taiwan CNC machined and Lathe turning parts

Continue effort to service our customers from start to finish.

We produce parts using standard bar material or pre-processed parts.  Our full Range of Services incl. turning, milling, drilling, tapping, boring, slotting, reaming, rotary broaching, threading, etc.




  • Turning: Outer diameter 1.5 ~ 100 mm (0.06"~4.00")

  • Machining: 600 mm * 600 mm Max. (23.60"*23.60")

  • Tolerance: 0.005 mm (0.0002") min.

  • CNC Lathe turning machine (Both Sliding Head & Fixed Head Type)

  • CNC 6 multi-spindle automatic lathe

  • CNC gun-drilling machine

  • CNC tapping center


Country of Origin:Taiwan

**ISO9001:2015 Certificate**